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Tips to Selecting Villa Rentals in Costa Rica

With Costa Rica being a top world-wide tourist destination, villa rentals are one of the most popular choices over hotels and provides luxury, relaxation, seclusion as well as top rated services. Villa rentals are best for couples, families, and groups or friends traveling together for several days or more and an excellent option when compared to everyday, run-of-the-mill resorts and hotels. To aid those planning a vacation to Costa Rica, the following “Tips”are meant to give a little different perspective when contemplating villa rentals in the beautiful tropical delight known as the “Rich Coast”:

Privacy: One of the reasons many of us go on vacation in the first place is privacy. Privacy is almost always at the top of everyone’s list.

Tip # 1: Make sure when planning your vacation that your villa rental property is close to beaches and pools but not so close that you’ll be burdened by busy, crowded and noisy public areas. This will guarantee for quality time with those with you and provides a pleasant relief from typical ‘back-home’ stress and busy areas.

Service: A given right to vacationing is not having to cook, clean or grocery shopping – any other type of shopping is a right. This time is for relaxation, playing some tennis, enjoying your sun-deck, sitting by your private pool, or simply taking in the beautiful sights and sounds.

Tip # 2: When searching for a rental, and to assure your vacation is everything you’re hoping, look for villas that include before-arrival grocery stocking, and full service/full-time chef and housekeeper and you will be sure that you are not stuck doing the same chores you’d normally being doing at home.

No Agenda: How many times a week do you have to be somewhere and at a certain time? Taking the kids to school, getting to work, going to the gym, the list goes on forever.

Tip # 3: Look for a villa rental resort that does not have ‘set-hours’ for activities or transportation so that you may enjoy your vacation at your personal pace without rushing to meet a group for a tour or transportation.

Views: You see the same streets, sidewalks, and terrain every day, and for many, you don’t see any wildlife. Vacationing is about seeing new and exciting things, people and places and more so in Costa Rica.

Tip # 4: Investigate villas that offer magnificent ocean and volcano views, surrounded safely by distinctive wildlife. The more jaw-dropping sights seen during your vacation, the more memories gained for a lifetime and an important point to keep in mind when looking for the perfect villa rental.

Personalization: Everyone receives the same service at restaurants, gas stations, hotels, and everywhere in-between. When on vacation we all enjoy at least a little special treatment and for most, we want a lot.

Tip # 5: Seek out rental villas that provide for complete pampering and attend to each guest’s specific preferences. Attention to detail is important from diet and beverages, to adventure and sightseeing, to enjoying one’s privacy. Personalization is about you and your travel companions receiving customized leisure time to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Culture: Encountering a new culture is always enjoyable and certainly there is no better time to do this than on vacation in Costa Rica.

Tip # 6: Narrow your villa search by looking for resort properties in the northern Guanacaste province of Costa Rica. Known for unforgettable cultural encounters in both Costa Rica & nearby Nicaragua, Guanacaste is perfect for simply walking on the beach, a day trip to Nicaragua for shopping, gift hunting and taking in the sites and sounds of a ‘couple’ of countries. Consider Day-Trips that offer hours of cultural experiences and interactions with locals in both countries and for most enough photos for several albums.

Green: Known for its multitude of “green” management and building practices, Costa Rica resorts employ creativity in their use of environmentally friendly practices, ensuring vacationers and locals alike will enjoy the Costa Rica Rain-forests for generations to come.

Tip # 7: When looking for villa resorts in Costa Rica be sure to ask what that resort specifically does to protect the environment in and around their resort, daily. If they do little – seek a villa rental property that goes above and beyond protecting their and your environment.

Value: A dream vacation in Costa Rica needn’t cost a fortune. Costa Rica is famous for having the most exquisite villas in the world, and some with included amenities & services rivaling that of the world’s finest 4-stars hotels.

Tip # 8: Great deals are available for luxuriously furnished villa rentals that include personal chef and housekeeping services, and at half the cost of an equal hotel resort. When contacting villa rental properties in Costa Rica, do not be intimidated to negotiate or ask for a discount. Normally, a special arrangement may just be agreed upon. From simply discounts on prices to free services at the resorts spa or other facilities, asking for a discount, upgrade or added services can only serve to enhance your vacation, if granted.

Cleanliness: The last thing anyone wants to do on vacation is clean, however in a rental villa this can sometimes difficult to avoid. Plan a head and look for villa rentals with strong ratings online (, Villas of Distinction, etc.) for tidiness and cleanliness.

Tip # 9: Ensure that the your rental is spotless upon arrival and kept that way with included housekeeping services in the price of the villa rental. Finding a clean and well-maintained villa in Costa Rica will improve your vacationing experience drastically.

Friendliness: A lot of villa rental properties boast great services or amenities, however, few mention supplementing great services with honest and friendly staff, that is knowledgeable in the local area, culture and history, while being able to communicate and speak in English.

Tip # 10: Research villa property rentals online and safeguard against language barriers or similar and unexpected difficulties one may experience. Costa Rica villa rental reviews on websites like Trip Advisor and Villas of Distinction, are useful for information about villa rentals, and include reviews of resort staff at rental properties in and around Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Take advantage of these reviews by choosing villa rentals with outstanding guest relations and friendliness included in their reviews.

Vacationing in a well-maintained villa rental in Costa Rica is always an unforgettable experience for couples, families or friends traveling together. Use these “Tips for Costa Rica Villa Rentals” freely, to improve your vacation experience and create timeless memories in the process. Planning an international vacation is both exciting and challenging, and no matter where in the world your travels may take you a Costa Rica villa rental vacation is one destination that will surely deliver in every-way.

Pre-Travel Research Tips

You can not travel without any research before your trip to any foreign lands. Even if you want to trust others, you just can not trust telling strangers where you want to go to. You must have at least an idea of how to go about and around the place, which is just not possible if you do not know anything about it beforehand.

Many postpone the completion of investigations, as they do not know how to start and have no idea what exactly they’re investigating. Therefore, to help with this task, here are some of the necessary tips that any traveler needs to know when they are going to travel:

Knowing where you are going. You know the name of your destination and know where you are on the map. But do what we know about the place? First, check the country as a safe destination. If it is safe enough for you to go, find out their admission requirements. Need a visa? What are the requirements? What other travel documents you need to prepare?

When all these issues are resolved, knowing the weather forecast for your destination to find out what clothes to pack. You do not want to end up wearing a sleeveless shirt and jeans in freezing temperatures. Next is to know the tourist traps of the area so you are not unprepared when you get there. Learning some basic phrases in their language is also helpful.

As a security measure, you want to know the common types of diseases in the area. so that you can take preventive action to avoid getting ill along the route. Check with your doctor and find out if there are vaccine shots or any drug that must be taken before and after departure.

If you take any gadgets and gizmos, finding available electrical outlets in the country may become complicated. You may need an adapter and you will be happy to know this in advance. If you plan to get a rental car once there, do some research on their driving needs. Is your driving license sufficient or is it necessary to obtain a special permit? Prior knowledge of road conditions and travel by road is essential.

Planning to go shopping? Research on local prices of items you are planning to purchase. This allows you to set the budget and avoid being ripped off by local suppliers. You also get an idea of how far you can go to bargain. Finally, if you plan to visit places of historical interest, be sure to know the local festivals and find out if the site will be closed at that time. You do not want to end up against a locked door when reaching your destination.

Best Travelling Deals

Seeing how travelling is one of the most incredible experiences, more and more people are now investing their time and money into this activity. When we are regular travelers, it becomes necessary for us to seek affordable air tickets and we are always on the look out for good travel deals. It is not such a difficult thing to find either. We need to research a bit on what are the deals available to us when we travel to a particular location. The best ways to find this out would be to visit the various travel websites, rather than approaching the travel agent.

The travel websites give us a comprehensive list of air fare for all destinations. If we are looking to plan the entire trip which involves airfare, hotel stay, site seeing and food, there are numerous travel deals available at these websites which could be of our interest. These are affordable and cover almost all our requirements. Do not be in a hurry to book a trip until you have done enough research. You can look through 4 to 5 top travel websites and you would get an idea about how it works. Getting a regular fortnightly newsletter from travel websites is also a good way to stay up to speed.

The free newsletters have all the information about the best deals available and if you are not too particular about your destination. You want to holiday at any good location, you can select your destination as per the offers available. Over all you do not really need a travel agent to plan your vacation. Spend some time looking around and you would be able to strike a good deal for yourself. There are many all inclusive trips offered by the travel websites and hotels. These deals are ideal for regular travelers.

Travels magazines are a good source of information of you want to learn more about the destinations and the site seeing. You can plan your entire trip without much effort. When you are going to book your plane tickets, just make sure to check if there is a good offer about hotel stay being included in the ticket charges. Even if it is not, see that you are able to seek maximum discount from the airline. You would come to know about their offers time to time, if you just call their customer service. The airline staff would be more than happy to assist you.

Best Travel Deals in This Bad Economy

What can be good about this bad economy? You can find some incredible travel deals! Companies are having trouble and will fight for your travel business. That means they are willing to offer great deals making this one of the best times to travel.


Even if you don’t usually negotiate, it never hurts to ask. Prices listed on websites and brochures aren’t always the best prices available. Ask if there is a better price or an upgrade. You might not get a lower price but you could negotiate a free upgrade. The more eager a company is to sell out, the more willing they will be to negotiate.

Do you have something to trade? Some companies will work on trade so if you have a product or service they want, you might be able to trade it for their product or service.

Travel Discounts

No matter where you go, ask about discounts! Restaurants, hotels, car rentals, even activity desks offer regular discounts. Sometimes companies post the discounts they accept but not always. If you have a group or family, ask about a group rate. Ask about student, senior and military discounts. Mention whatever membership that you have. A company may work with you and give you something just because you asked.

Also, check with the concierge and front desk of your hotel or hostel. Concierges and front desk staff work with restaurants, spas and activity desks all the time and can often get you a discount.

Airline Deals

Sometimes the airfare is the most expensive part of your vacation so saving money here is great. You don’t have to buy a round trip ticket from the same the airline. With so many online travel sites, sometimes mixing and matching can save you money. One airline may have a better deal or schedule going and another airline has the better deal or schedule coming home.

Hotel Deals

You have many hotel options from expensive resorts to budget hotels. Sometimes you get the best deals by calling the hotel directly. Sometimes the best deals are online. Take the time to look around. Pay attention to what’s included in the rate. For just a little bit more, you may be able to get free breakfast or free Internet access or other perks.