Travel Safety Tips

Whether it’s a short or long trip, it’s always important to keep your trips safe and trouble-free. Foreigners traveling abroad are the prime targets of criminals as they are aware of the fact that the travelers obviously travel with a lot of cash.

Take a look at the tips that might help you have a safe and pleasant trip:

o Fake cops: Travelers must be careful as these crooks come in disguise as cops. Be doubtful about any such people asking you to show money. Act smart and ask them to take you to the nearest cop station before they start checking your personal belongings

o Do not accept food/drinks from strangers

o Sometimes you are approached by fake money changers who show you a big bundle of fake currency notes that look like the original notes. They exchange these fake notes in exchange for your dollars

o Be suspicious if someone is trying to follow you

o Be aware of your surroundings and avoid areas where there are higher chances of risk

o Avoid walking alone (especially at nights) in the cities you are traveling to especially the barren, secluded or dim-lit areas

o Avoid obvious displays of wealth and wear minimum/least jewelery. Also, carry cash that is just sufficient for a day

o Never hire an un-registered cab although they claim to be cheaper than the licensed taxis

o Be alert of those people who take personal interest in offering you a cheaper transportation

o In some countries you may be often exposed to problems from the government authorities. Therefore it is very important to carry all the documents and also keep a photocopy of your originals (passport, visa and any other important document)

o Do thorough research about the nearby hospitals that you are visiting to before your travel

o Check for your medical/health insurance before you travel. Sometimes they are not accepted in few countries. You can contact your insurance company to learn more on the same and upgrade your insurance policy if need be